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Wedding Bridal Bouquet/Hoop - Dusky Pink Roses on a Pearl 10" Dia Hoop - Handmade Vintage Style

25 August 2019, 6:46

North Carolina, Lenox Castle

Price 250 USD

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ad wedding bridal bouquet/hoop - dusky pink roses on a pearl 10 dia hoop - handmade vintage style



Privat person / Business

Privat person

£250 plus shipping

Please note that any other items featured in my photos are props or sold separately.

Handmade Vintage Style Alternative Bridal Bouquet - Dusky Pink Roses, Green Satin Leaves, Satin and Tulle Ribbon on a Pearl 10" Hoop.

Suitable for the blushing bride or bridesmaids. Can even be used as a hanging wedding decoration.

Vintage style

Festival style

Boho style

Country style

Unique one of a kind piece.

1 available.

Others can be made to order/bespoke (colours may vary).

Made in the UK by me :)

Why are alternative wedding bouquets fantastic substitutes for fresh flower wedding bouquets?

• You can buy them way ahead of time

• They will not wilt, so you don't have to worry about watering them to keep them fresh for your big day

• They survive hot weather conditions

• They travel well, so are perfect for destination weddings

• They can be packed in your luggage (please treat with care, like any one of your fragile treasured items)

• They will hold their shape

• There’s no risk of pollen related allergies

• Bees and wasps will not be buzzing around your bouquet

• You can have colours in your bouquet that match your theme, without having to worry about what flowers are typical for the season

After the wedding

• They become keepsakes that hold beautiful memories of your special day

• They can be displayed in your home as part of your interior décor

• They can be passed down to future generations for years to come



Melainee Woodun-Boston
Melainee Woodun-Boston
online 3 months ago


9 December 2018




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