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Handmade Blackthorn Mini Altar Besom / Broom - Pendle Witch Broomstick / Besom - Pagan / Wiccan £10

16 September 2020, 1:43

Michigan, Bolton

Price 10 USD

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ad handmade blackthorn mini altar besom / broom - pendle witch broomstick / besom - pagan / wiccan £10.



Privat person / Business

Privat person

This altar broom or altar besom has been made from Heather from Pendle Hill in Lancashire harvested by myself, whilst out collecting info to honour our ancestors for Samhain.

The shaft is from the sacred Blackthorn tree, is often referred to as a witch’s tree. As late as the 1940s, anyone seen to carry a blackthorn walking stick was suspected of being a witch.

The blackthorn is one of the most powerful trees in Old Craft and because it was an important tree to our pagan ancestors, it is now thought of as having a sinister reputation. Like the whitethorn (hawthorn), the blackthorn has its fair share of associations with the Faere Folk, even having its own appointed Faerie guardians.

The heather has been dried and bound with hemp and i've embellished it with a pentacle. the length is approx. 30 cms so this would look nice on any altar to rid negativity.



Denise Luna Moon Frain
Denise Luna Moon Frain
online 1 year ago


9 December 2018




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