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Forest witch

31 August 2020, 3:53

Utah, Liberty

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Privat person

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Do you believe that witches exist? I know it! Every woman is a little witch! And everyone has his own gift!

My little forest witch will bring a little magic and fairy tales from the her magic forest!

Completely handmade from and to. Head, arms, legs - air dry polymer clay. Without using ready-made forms. Painting with watercolor and acrylic, varnished. Body - textile. The dress and the bottom panties are hand knitted from YarnArt Jeans semi-cotton yarn, trim and shoes cotton yarn by YarnArt Begonia. The dress is decorated with embroidered cobwebs, glass beads and a voluminous spider of glass and wire. Also has a lower lace skirt

Hair - natural merino wool of three colors (red, emerald, burgundy). Hairstyle fixed. The main braids are inserted wire, which allows them to bend at will.

Eyes - green glass.

Accessories - a hat, a cat (what a witch without a helper!) And a pumpkin crocheted, filled with holofayber. . The broom is a wood.

sits and stands with support

This doll is not suitable for children's games, but it will be a wonderful gift for the lover of interior dolls or cute home decor

The growth is about 28cm.

She agree to move to bring a little magic and fairy tales and to your house!)

Single copy

88$ without sale discount



Irisha Karminova
Irisha Karminova
online 1 year ago


9 December 2018




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