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Bedside lamp - Textile doll "Angel"

7 September 2020, 2:54

Pennsylvania, Township of South Franklin

Price 1 USD

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ad bedside lamp - textile doll angel.



Privat person / Business

Privat person

LED lamp, for kids room decor. Cloth doll - "Angel", cute gift for daughter, for home decor at home.

Dimensions: height 13.0 inches (33 cm), width with flower 10.6 inches (27 cm), length 12.2 inches (31 cm). Weight without package: 14.67 ounces (416 grams). Weight with packing: 40.6 ounces (1150 grams).

Has thirty LED lamps. Twenty-five, located inside the doll and five light bulbs are brought outside to the flower arrangement with butterflies. The night light works on two batteries. Two switching modes (one of them flickering). LED festo guarantee the absence of any trouble associated with the occurrence of fires.

Recommendations for care: dry cleaning.

Doll is in a single copy, repetition is not possible.Made in the technique: "Sculptural textiles." Legs and handles, fingers dolls on a wire basis, bend. Flowers and butterflies are made of nylon, have five LED lamps.

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Ageeva Irina
Ageeva Irina
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9 December 2018




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